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Shipping Ports

Limassol Port, Famagusta and Kyrenia are the ports of the country. The New Limassol Port is the country's principal passenger and cargo port.




Age Restrictions

Less than five years old.




Right Hand Drive Vehicles

Importation of right-hand drive vehicles is allowed in Cyprus.

Documents Required

  • A completed Form P17



  • A T2L or T2LF document to prove EU Community status (obtained from the Customs Service in the origin EU country or from the shipping company responsible for the vehicle)



  • Shipping documents for shipped vehicles



  • Valid and expired passports going back at least five years



  • Alien Registration Certificates for applicant and family



  • Residence Permit for applicant and family members



  • Driver's licence



  • Sales contract or evidence a foreign residence is being rented out



  • Proof of employment outside Cyprus in the form of tax returns, insurance records and/or pay slips



  • For applicants with school-age children, proof the children were enrolled in school



  • Proof of residential situation in Cyprus in the form of a sales contract or rental contract for an apartment or home



  • Utility and/or telephone bills



  • Employment contract for work in Cyprus


Import Duty & VAT

Import Duty: 10 to 22% of CIF + Engine Capacity Tax


VAT: 19% of CIF + Import Duty + Excise Duty


Registration of Vehicles

After the payment of relevant duties and taxes the vehicle must be registered before it can be licensed for road tax purposes.


According to the existing Motor Vehicle and Road Traffic Legislation, a private motor vehicle can be registered in Cyprus provided its age prior to its importation is less than five years old, this counted from the date of its first registration.

In order to register a vehicle in Cyprus, it must first pass the DoRT test.n the Republic of Cyprus, all vehicles over four years old are subject to a Department of Road Transport (DoRT) test (similar to a UK MOT) for mechanical safety as well as emissions levels. This test must be passed every two years. The test checks emissions, brakes, suspension, steering, lights and tyres among other things.

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