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Shipping Ports

Burundi being a land locked country depends mainly on the ports Dar Es Salaam in Tanzania and Mombasa in Kenya for the import of used cars from Japan.




Left Hand Drive (LHD)

Burundi uses left-hand drive vehicles, but right-hand drive vehicles are also permitted.


Age Restrictions

There are no age restrictions on the import of used cars in Burundi.

Inspection Required

The Burundians are also exempted from any sort of inspection restriction. This facilitates the people to import cars without the requirement of getting any inspection certificate from authorities like JEVIC, JAAI or Intertek.


Documents Required

The main documents required while importing the used cars in Burundi are as follows :-

  • Original Registration Card

  • Copy of Passport

  • Original Purchase Invoice


  • Original Bill of Lading showing chassis number, engine number, cubic capacity, year of manufacture, brand and model.


Duties and Taxes

The duty rates applicable on cars in Burundi are as follows:

  • Diplomat - 1 percent handling charge

  • Vehicle more than 10 passengers - 15 percent CIF

  • Tourism vehicle between - 40 percent and 100 percent CIF

  • Handling - 4 percent CIF value

  • Transactional tax - 17 percent of (CIF + duties + handling)


Shipping method into Burundi

1. Containerised

Container shipping for transporting your car is the safest way to get your vehicles to Burundi.


The most affordable method for transporting cars overseas. A Ro/Ro vessel has a ramp which opens up to allow the cars to be driven into the vessel.And in it your cars locked and secure for any Damage.

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