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Shipping Ports

The most recommended shipping port in the country is Durban port.


Age Restriction

Light motor vehicles imported in the country should not be more than 3 years, while Heavy vehicles should not be more than 5 years from the date of production.

Left-Hand Drive Vehicles

Importation of left-hand drive vehicles are allowed in the country.


A Pre Shipment Inspection (PSI) in the country of origin is required. Vehicles imported by Diplomats are not subjected to PSI as they have cleared the vehicle with a Diplomatic Franchise at destination.


Documents Required for vehicle clearance

  • Original Purchase Invoice

  • Copy of Entry Visa

  • Letter of Employment (must identify the name, job title, and company of person who will receive the vehicle as employed by the company)

  • Passport - copy, with Angolan entry visa stamps

  • Contributor Card "Cartao de Contribuinte" and "Resident Card" - copies

  • Declaration of Value letter signed by the shipper

  • Pack List - in English or Portuguese

  • Taxation Number (importation license)

  • Copy of airline ticket showing a valid coupon for a return fligh.

  • If the vehicle is imported for companies, an import license is needed.


Duties and Taxes

  • Bill of Lading

  • Export Certificate


  • Proforma Invoice


  • Agent’s Authorization Letter from the importer

  • Import permits from TFDA, TBS etc


Import Taxation in Tanzania

Temporary Import:

  • The vehicle is allowed to stay in Angola for 2 years with a possible one-year extension.

  • A bond deposit of 40-45per. of CIF value is required. When the vehicle is re-exported, the deposit is paid back.


Definitive Import:

  • Requires 40-45 per. tax based on CIF value.

  • Import taxes on all vehicles (except pick up with 5 percent tax) are 10 per. plus VAT.


VAT on vehicles depends upon the following

Gasoline Engine

Engines CC  Taxes

Up to 1500 CC:  10%

1500 to 3000 CC:  20%

Over 2500 CC:  30%

Diesel Engine

Engines CC  Taxes

1500 to 2500 CC:  20%

Over 25600 CC:  30%

Over 2500 CC:  30%

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